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Let “Balakrishna Niwas” bring joy to all who come here

B.K. Subaiah


Thank you very much for a lovely stay. Excellent service and very peaceful surroundings !

Anders Jonsen
Kerolina Persson


“ A home away frome home” would be an apt phrase to describe the place amidst the nature. An absolute pleasurable experience.

Harichran Naik
Chethana Naik
Adithi Naik


Excellent food and hospitality. Nice place to stay for relaxing. Suggested to have some standby heaters.

Overall experience is “excellent”

Major Kadam
Sanjay Engle


This place is blessed. It has a positive energy which is also radiated by the owner. Will definitely come again.

Manesh Shetty


Homely and great in true Coorg hospitality. This is surely a most sought out place.

Daniel B Verghese

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